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Socialism – 12.2.19.mp3
Thanksgiving – 11.25.19.mp3
Green New Deal – 11.18.19.mp3
Veterans Day – 11.11.19.mp3
Real Representatives, Good for America – 11.4.19.mp3
Hispanics & Latinos – 10.28.19.mp3
Liberty University – 10.21.19.mp3
Sex – 10.14.19.mp3
Bernie Sanders – 10.7.19.mp3
Congress – 9.30.19.mp3
American Debt – 9.23.19.mp3
Antisemitism New & Old – 9.16.19.mp3
911 – Patriot Day – 9.9.19.mp3
American Good – 9.2.19.mp3
Labor Day – 8.26.19.mp3
The Light In The Dark – 8.19.19.mp3
Religious Freedom – 8.12.19.mp3
Gullible Americans – 8.5.19.mp3
Inequality Act Part 2 – 7.29.19.mp3
Inequality Act Part 1 – 7.22.19.mp3
Be Ready – 7.15.19.mp3
California, The Land Where Free Speech Died – 7.8.19.mp3
Freedom Week – 7.1.19.mp3
Pro-Life After Birth – 6.24.19.mp3
Progressive Christianity – 6.17.19.mp3
Father – 6.10.19.mp3
Attacks (Part 2) – Faith, Family, Freedom – 6.3.19.mp3
Attacks (Part 1) – Faith, Family, Freedom – 5.28.19.mp3
Memorial Day – 5.20.19.mp3
Weight, Too Much Of A Good Thing – 5.13.19.mp3
Our Rulers Part 2 – 5.6.19.mp3
Our Rulers Part 1 – 4.29.19.mp3
The Capitalism of America-4.22.19.mp3
The Resurrection-4.8.19.mp3
California, Socialism, and More-4.1.19.mp3
Israel and the Jews-3.20.19.mp3
Christians and Conservatives, the Issues of the Day Part II-3.4.19.mp3
Christians and Conservatives, the Issues of the Day-2.25.19.mp3
The Worthy Billy Graham Successor-2.18.19.mp3
Love, Valentine’s Day-2.11.19.mp3
High Tech-Apple 1.28.19.mp3
MLK Jr. Day 1.21.19.mp3
Navy 1.14.19.mp3
The Brady Bunch 1.7.19.mp3
Praying in the New Year 12.31.18.mp3
The Great New Year 12.24.18.mp3
Christmas, The Greatest Old Story Ever Told 12.17.18.mp3
Israel and the Jews 12.10.18.mp3
The Oldest Hatred – Anti-Semitism 12.3.18.mp3
Democrats Abandon The Constitution 11.26.18.mp3
Thanksgiving 2018 11.19.18.mp3
America 2018-the Vote 11.12.18.mp3
Post Elections 2018 11.5.18.mp3
Your Vote 10.29.18.mp3
Elections 2018 10.22.18.mp3
The United States Senate 10.15.18.mp3
Opioids 10.08.18.mp3
What Democrats Believe 10.01.18.mp3
Christianity the Faith of Our Fathers and Us 9.24.18.mp3
John McCain 9.17.18.mp3
Patriot Day 9.10.18.mp3
Vote 9.3.18.mp3
Work-Labor Day 8.27.18.mp3
Violence In America 8.20.18.mp3
The SAGE Cons 8.13.18.mp3
Medicare For All 8.6.18.mp3
Freedom of Speech:The First Amendment 7.30.18.mp3
Part 2 SCOTUS:The Next Trump Nominee – Brett Kavanaugh 7.23.18.mp3
Part 1 SCOTUS:The Next Trump Nominee – Brett Kavanaugh 7.16.18.mp3
The Boy Scouts of America 7.9.18.mp3
Freedom Week – Independence Day 7.2.18.mp3
Just Plain Tired-6.25.18.mp3
Fathers Day-6.11.18.mp3
Divided We Stand-6.4.18.mp3
Another Gospel-5.28.18.mp3
Memorial Day-5.21.18.mp3
Christianity 2018 – Part 2 4.30.18.mp3
Christianity 2018 – Part 1 4.23.18.mp3
The Conservative- 4.16.18.mp3
March for Our Lives Part 2- 4.9.18.mp3
March for Our Lives Part 1- 4.2.18.mp3
Easter- 3.26.18.mp3
Vote- 3.19.18.mp3
Football and the Lord- 3.12.18.mp3
Billy Graham Part 2- 3.5.18.mp3
A Tribute to the Reverend Billy Graham – 3.2.18.mp3
The Professional School Shooter – 2.26.18.mp3
Billy Graham Part 1 – 2.19.18.mp3 – Updated in light of Reverend Graham’s passing
Valentines Day – 2.12.18.mp3
The Conservative – 2.5.18.mp3
Oh Happy Day:Edwin Hawkins – 1.29.18.mp3
President Trump – 1.22.18.mp3
Martin Luther King:Race and More – 1.15.18.mp3
The Presidency-The Democrats – 1.8.18.mp3
Jerusalem – 1.1.18.mp3
The Great New Year:2018 – 12.25.17.mp3
Christmas:The Greatest Story Ever Told – 12.18.17.mp3
You Know Me – 12.11.17.mp3
Thanksgiving – 11.20.17.mp3
It’s The Economy, Stupid – 11.13.17.mp3
A Real Attorney General – 11.6.17.mp3
The World’s Most Evil Men – 10.30.17.mp3
Free Speech (Unfree Speech) – 10.23.17.mp3
The Elites – 10.16.17.mp3
Football No More – 10.09.17.mp3
Dogma Lives Loudly – 10.02.17.mp3
Kill Him – 9.18.17.mp3
Patriot Day – 9.11.17.mp3
Labor Day – 9.4.17.mp3
The Opioid Epidemic – 8.28.17.mp3
Commander Nisha – 8.21.17.mp3
Euthanasia-Assisted Suicide – 8.14.17.mp3
Him-Trump – 8.10.17.mp3
Religious Freedom – 7.31.17.mp3
Progressive Hate – 7.24.17.mp3
The Deep State – 7.17.17.mp3
Freedom – 7.03.17.mp3
Federalism – 6.26.17.mp3
DAWA – 6.19.17.mp3
Fathers Day – 6.12.17.mp3
1st Amendment:Freedom of Speech – 6.05.17.mp3
Post Truth – 5.30.17.mp3
Memorial Day – 5.22.17.mp3
Armed Forces Day – 5.15.17.mp3
Mother’s Day – 5.08.17.mp3
The Hostile Culture – 5.01.17.mp3
The Christian Faith: Part 2 – 4.24.17.mp3
The Christian Faith: Part 1 – 4.17.17.mp3
Easter – 4.10.17.mp3
Multiverse – 4.3.17.mp3
America Part 2 – 3.20.17.mp3
America Part 1 – 3.20.17.mp3
The Military 3.6.17.mp3
SCOTUS 2.27.17.mp3
States Rights – Federalism 2.20.17.mp3
Love: Valentine’s Day 2.13.17.mp3
Trump and Trolling 2.6.17.mp3
Trumps First 100 Days 1.30.17.mp3
Obama Legacy 1.23.17.mp3
Martin Luther King – Race & More 1.16.17.mp3
Israel & the Jews 1.9.17.mp3
Donald Trumps First 100 Days 1.2.17.mp3
New Year 2017 12.26.16.mp3
The Christ of Christmas 12.19.16.mp3
The Electoral College 12.12.16.mp3
Regulations Part 2 12.05.16.mp3
Regulations Part 1 11.28.16.mp3
Thanksgiving 11.21.16.mp3
Post Election 11.07.16.mp3
Election 10.31.16.mp3
Vote 10.24.16.mp3
Vote 10.17.16.mp3
1st Amendment-Faith & Christianity 10.03.16.mp3
Top Ten Issues Part 2 09.19.16.mp3
Top Ten Issues Part 1 09.26.16.mp3
The Gathering Storm 09.12.16.mp3
Labor Day 09.05.16.mp3
The Vote & Email Response 08.29.16.mp3
Jurisprudence 08.22.16.mp3
Your President 08.15.16.mp3
The Clinton Foundation 08.8.16.mp3
You are a loser – Conservative 08.1.16.mp3
Religious Freedom 07.25.16.mp3
The Christian Faith 07.18.16.mp3
Islam & Homosexuality 07.11.16.mp3
LGBT – Salt and Light 07.05.16.mp3
Freedom – Independence Day 06.27.16.mp3
The Young Americans 06.20.16.mp3
Father 06.13.16.mp3
Planned Parenthood 06.6.16.mp3
The Biden Rule 05.30.16.mp3
Memorial Day 2016.mp3
Socialism: Senator Bernie Sanders.mp3
Constitution-Article II & The President Part 2 of 3.mp3
Constitution-Article II & The President Part 1 of 3.mp3
28th Amendment 04-04-2016.mp3
Jews 03-28-2016.mp3
Easter – The Lord Is Risen 03-21-2016.mp3
Populism Trump-eting 03-14-2016.mp3
The Donald 03-07-2016.mp3
Scalia 2-29-2016.mp3
The Liberal 2-22-2016.mp3
Voting 2-15-2016.mp3
Love – Valentines Day 2-8-2016.mp3
Polls 2-1-2016.mp3
Guns 1-25-2016.mp3
Martin Luther King, Jr 1-18-2016.mp3
Donald Trump 1-11-2016.mp3
Prayer 1-4-2016.mp3
New Year 2016 12-28-2015.mp3
The Christ of Christmas 12-14-2015.mp3
Giving – Part 2 12-7-2015.mp3
Giving – Part 1 11-30-2015.mp3
1st Amendment & Hate Speech – Part 1 4-20-15.mp3
1st Amendment & Hate Speech – Part 2 4-27-15.mp3
America The Beautiful 3-9-15.mp3
Bernie Sanders 6-1-15.mp3
Christmas 12-22-14 (6-MIn 53-Sec).mp3
Democrats & Socialism 8-24-15.mp3
Donald Trump 8-17-15.mp3
Easter 4-14-14 (12-Min 46-Sec).mp3
Easter 2015 3-30-15.mp3
Election Results 2014 – Part 2 (19-Min 51-Sec).mp3
Euthanasia 7-7-14 (19-Min 56-Sec).mp3
Euthanasia & email response 9-22-14 (22-Min 25-Sec).mp3
Executive Orders – Part 1 2-24-14 (14-Min 40-Sec).mp3
Executive Orders – Part 2 3-3-14 (16-Min 54-Sec).mp3
FCC & Free Speech – 3-10-14 (20-Min 30-Sec).mp3
Father’s Day 6-9-14 (17-Min 23-Sec).mp3
Fathers Day 2015 6-15-15.mp3
First Degree Murder – Abortion 9-28-15.mp3
Freedom of Religion – Part 1.mp3
Hate 7-6-15.mp3
Hate Speech-The 1st Amendment 1-13-14 (14-Min 38-Sec).mp3
Hillary 5-25-15.mp3
IRS Part 2 4-28-14 (15-Min 17-Sec).mp3
IRS – Part 1 4-21-14 (18-Min).mp3
Independence Day 6-30-14 (13-Min 9-Sec).mp3
Independence Day 2015 7-4-15.mp3
Israel – Part 1 7-28-14 (15-Min 21-Sec).mp3
Israel – Part 2 8-4-14 (14-Min 25-Sec).mp3
Israel – Part 3 8-11-14 (14-Min 29-Sec).mp3
Israel – Part 4 8-18-14 (12-Min 5-Sec).mp3
Israel – Part 5 9-1-14 (13-Min 10-Sec).mp3
John Boehner & House of Representatives 10-5-15.mp3
LOVE – Part 1 2-2-15.mp3
LOVE – Part 2 2-9-15.mp3
Labor Day 8-25-14 (19-Min 53-Sec).mp3
Last Days – Part 1 9-29-14 (15-Min 20-Sec).mp3
Last Days – Part 2 10-6-14 (16-Min 54-Sec).mp3
Love 2014 2-3-14 (8-Min 53-Sec).mp3
Love II 2-10-14 (9-Min 49-Sec).mp3
MLK Jr & Race Relations (Part 2) 1-26-15.mp3
MLK Jr. & Race Relations (Part 1) 1-19-15.mp3
Media & Freedom of Speech – Part 1 3-17-14 (15-Min 51-Sec).mp3
Media & Freedom of Speech – Part 2 3-24-14 (15-Min 10-Sec).mp3
Memorial Day 5-18-15.mp3
Memorial Day 5-26-14 (12-Min 4-Sec).mp3
Mother – Part 2 5-11-15.mp3
Mother’s Day 5-5-14 (12-Min 8-Sec).mp3
Mother’s Day 2015 5-4-15.mp3
National Debt 9-15-14 (19-Min 12-Sec).mp3
Netanyahu 3-16-15.mp3
New Year 12-29-14 (14-Min 9-Sec).mp3
New Year Citizen to do List 1-5-15 (15-Min 42-Sec).mp3
Obama Change – Part 1 7-14-14 (12-Min 42-Sec).mp3
Obama Change – Part 2 7-21-14 (13-Min 16-Sec).mp3
Obamacare 4-7-14 (16-Min 48-Sec).mp3
Once Great America 9-21-15.mp3
Patriot Day 9-8 ~ 11 ’15.mp3
Patriot Day 9-8-14 (17-Min 48-Min).mp3
Planned Parenthood 9-14-15.mp3
Planned Parenthood – Part 1 8-3-15.mp3
Planned Parenthood – Part 2 8-10-15.mp3
President & Presidency (Part 3) 3-2-15.mp3
Presidents & Presidency (Part 1) 2-16-15 .mp3
Presidents & Presidency (Part 2) 2-23-15.mp3
Regulations – Part 1 5-19-14 (14-Min 39-Sec).mp3
Regulations – Part 2 6-2-14 (14-Min 42-Sec).mp3
Religious Freedom – Part 1 7-20-15.mp3
Religious Freedom – Part 2 7-27-15.mp3
Religious Persecution 12-1-14 (15-Min 51-Sec).mp3
Thank you – Evangelicals and Jews 1-12-15 (21-Min 24-Sec).mp3
Thanksgiving 11-24-14 (10-Min 31-Secs).mp3
The Arts 5-12-14 (21-Min 13-Sec).mp3
The Christ of Christmas 12-15-14 (11-Min 50-Sec).mp3
The Great Elections 2014 11-10-14 (18-Min 8-Sec).mp3
The Jews 6-22-15.mp3
The Johnson Amendment 12-8-14 (19-Min 4-Sec).mp3
The New Taxes in The Unaffordable Care Act 1-27-14 (24-Min 15-Sec).mp3
The New Year 12-30-13 (15-Min 14-Sec).mp3
The Republicans 6-8-15.mp3
The Unaffordable Care Act – More Taxes 2-17-14 (20-Min 31-Sec).mp3
Truth – Part 1 10-26-15.mp3
Truth – Part 2 11-2-15.mp3
Veterans Day 11-5-14 (7-MIn 47-Sec).mp3
Vote 10-13-14 (16-Min 21-Sec).mp3
Voting 10-27-14 (17-Min 26-Sec).mp3
Voting Apathy 10-20-14 (15-Min 23-Sec).mp3
Warrior & Hero – Officer Robert Wilson III 3-23-15.mp3
We The People to do List 1-6-14 (17-Min 18-Sec).mp3
We the Stupid People – Part 1 4-6-15.mp3
Who Are They – Part 1 6-16-14 (20-Min 18-Sec).mp3
Who Are They – Part 2 6-23-14 (17-Min 58-Sec).mp3