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The 45th President

And that would be Donald John Trump with his right arm Mike Pence.  There were many perhaps millions in America who thought the election of these two gentlemen was nigh onto impossible.  It was, if you believe the polls (which I don’t and never have), biased and inaccurate as they are. But it seems as… Continue Reading

Donald John Trump

So, we the people welcome Donald John Trump as the 45th President of our very own United States of America. We the people have spoken through our votes and spoken decisively not only with regard to the election of Trump as President, but offering yet another opportunity to the Republican Party to follow the will… Continue Reading

The Election

Next week, my fellow Americans: NEXT WEEK It is here, finally, Election Week November 7.  We the people now takeover.  It is up to us.  For one brief shining moment, America at least to some extent is: OURS We decide if we wish to the election of thousands of our fellow citizens to govern.  Some… Continue Reading

The Vote

Now comes in a matter of days the most critical election America has ever faced.  November 8 may well decide the future of our great country for better or for worse.  And, you are going to vote, are you not my fellow Americans?  If you love America and the way it is, you better! SAMUEL… Continue Reading


Are you going to vote?  You are going to vote, aren’t you? You need to vote for the sake, for the future of our great country.  Comes now many think the most important election America has ever faced.  We the people are on a determined course toward socialism.  Our mantra of capitalism has been compromised. … Continue Reading