Sales & Marketing


Corporate Sales Department

We are passionate about the work we do. We are high energy and as efficient as possible. Our Corporate sales department provides vision, support and structure for our staff company-wide.  We believe in an individualized approach to each of our stations and salespersons, providing unique support, guidance and incentives for growth.

Our Corporate Director of Sales, Laura Scotti, has been with Crawford for over a decade and she, along with her analytical and administrative team continue to move the sales and marketing forward.  They have spent considerable time studying the various markets, the Crawford selling plan and our industry overall to stay current and continue to drive the company forward. Our team oversees station sales execution, strategically creating new inventory types and providing opportunities for the benefits of our clients on both local and national levels.  With strong leadership, we aggressively move forward creating new identities and developing new marketing products to complement terrestrial radio.

Although we have a strong emphasis on live and local, our department is constantly seeking new opportunities and fresh programming through our affiliate partnerships.  We believe in exciting possibilities, achieving and accomplishing our true potential by working in different and better ways than our competitors.