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Israel and the Jews

In the recent elections, the great state of Minnesota (?) elected as representative one Ilhan Omar as a representative from the state of Minnesota to the House of Representatives. Omar is Islamic and took it upon herself to criticize Israel, and of course indirectly the Jews, a clear and overt incident and expression of ANTI-SEMITISM.… Continue Reading


Abortion is the: “Expulsion of a human fetus before it is viable.” That, according to the Random House dictionary. EXPULSION. Now, my fellow Americans and fellow Christians we have a new definition of MURDER, of killing: EXPULSION so that, now abortionists are expulsionists. They reach inside the womb of an expectant mother and they, the… Continue Reading

The Worthy Billy Graham Successor

A very special man left us last year. Reunited was he with his beloved wife Ruth and the Lord he served for almost one century. The man was Billy Graham and the organization he left was the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. There is hardly any ministry or mission which carries on successfully when the father… Continue Reading