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California, Socialism and More

I love the state of California, I really do. It is land beautiful, different, offering all four seasons. It is rich in farmland, the finest vineyards in the world. It is home to Hollywood, Silicon Valley, quality education, many industrious people and diversity, the right kind of diversity everywhere. But this once great state has… Continue Reading


Do you believe in prayer, the power of prayer, someone recently asked me. I said I do and then I asked, do you? He said he did and then he asked me how often each day I prayed and how long. The questions were irritating and intrusive, but I had never really thought about that… Continue Reading

Israel and the Jews

In the recent elections, the great state of Minnesota (?) elected as representative one Ilhan Omar as a representative from the state of Minnesota to the House of Representatives. Omar is Islamic and took it upon herself to criticize Israel, and of course indirectly the Jews, a clear and overt incident and expression of ANTI-SEMITISM.… Continue Reading


Abortion is the: “Expulsion of a human fetus before it is viable.” That, according to the Random House dictionary. EXPULSION. Now, my fellow Americans and fellow Christians we have a new definition of MURDER, of killing: EXPULSION so that, now abortionists are expulsionists. They reach inside the womb of an expectant mother and they, the… Continue Reading