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God made them MALE AND FEMALE.   At creation, there was no LGBTQ. There was only:   M AND F   And a man shall cleave to a woman, his wife and a woman to a man. And the scriptures, should you believe them, make it clear that a man shall not lay with a… Continue Reading

Bernie Sanders

Elections 2020 have already begun, don’t you think so my fellow Americans? There are candidates everywhere. Fundraising is aggressive and early. Attack advertising, normally saved for early summer of election year is well underway already. Elections 2020 will be perhaps the most bitter, hard fought, partisan and nasty elections in the history of our great country. It… Continue Reading


Our beloved Constitution gave us 535 of these good folk.   The Founding Fathers intended them to be REPRESENTATIVES of we the people. In fact, today, these constitutionally appointed Representatives have become our:   RULERS.   There is the House of Representatives, all 435 of them. Every ten years, a census is taken and the number… Continue Reading

American Debt

OWE NO MAN NOTHING!   The advice of scripture and good advice it is. But in the economy in which we live, even the global economy the world at large, it is virtually impossible to live life without debt of some kind. We have credit card debt, at least for 30 days. We have real… Continue Reading

Antisemitism New & Old

ISRAEL IS A MALIGNANT CANCEROUS TUMOR IN THE WEST ASIAN REGION THAT HAS TO BE REMOVED AND ERADICATED. Those were the words of the so called religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran speaking in 2018. A cancerous tumor is Israel, thinks so much of the Arab and Islamic worlds. Israel and… Continue Reading