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America 2018 – The Vote

THERE IS NO AUTHORITY EXCEPT FROM GOD. Those are the inspired words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 13. All authority, in fact anything that happens comes from the God who made us all and governs the affairs of all mankind. So that, now the AUTHORITY ordained by God in America for the next two… Continue Reading

The Vote

Now you, my fellow American, decide who your leaders will be. Tuesday, November 6 is perhaps the most important midterm election ever in the history of our great country. There are 36 governorships up for election. More than 70% of the great American states will have new or reelected governors. That can produce a radical… Continue Reading

Your Vote

You are going to vote in Elections 2018, are you not? November 6, a fateful Tuesday for America comes soon. Are you ready to vote? Do you know the parties? Do you know their policies? Do you know their platforms, values and moral positions? And most importantly, do you note the individual politicians, their background… Continue Reading

Elections 2018

Here they come, Elections 2018. Only some two weeks left my fellow Americans before these critical Elections occur. And, boy oh boy, are they ever critical. The fate of the Trump Administration, Trumpian policies, perhaps even conservatism and Constitutionalism themselves are once again at stake. 34 senatorial seats, one-third of the United States Senate, will… Continue Reading

The United States Senate

There are 100 United States senators, two from each of our 50 grand and glorious states. These 100 individuals, politicos, power brokers exercise and have at their disposal some of our great country’s supreme power, granted to them by our beloved Constitution and of course by the vote of WE THE PEOPLE. They are elected,… Continue Reading