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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Hispanics and Latinos

I believe in diversity, do you?   That is, that all men and women are created equal in the sight of God and among themselves. All of us are different but none of us are better.   America was diverse from the very beginning. Our Forefathers came to America seeking freedom and especially freedom of… Continue Reading

Liberty University, Christian University

Do you believe in Christian education? That is, a University dedicated to strong Liberal Arts education, intellectual excellence competing with even better than so called non–Christian or secular universities? An educational institutional which explores everything but at the bottom of everything, acknowledges the truth, the ultimate truth of Christianity, the message, the life, the mission… Continue Reading


God made them MALE AND FEMALE.   At creation, there was no LGBTQ. There was only:   M AND F   And a man shall cleave to a woman, his wife and a woman to a man. And the scriptures, should you believe them, make it clear that a man shall not lay with a… Continue Reading

Bernie Sanders

Elections 2020 have already begun, don’t you think so my fellow Americans? There are candidates everywhere. Fundraising is aggressive and early. Attack advertising, normally saved for early summer of election year is well underway already. Elections 2020 will be perhaps the most bitter, hard fought, partisan and nasty elections in the history of our great country. It… Continue Reading