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Do you believe in prayer, the power of prayer, someone recently asked me. I said I do and then I asked, do you? He said he did and then he asked me how often each day I prayed and how long. The questions were irritating and intrusive, but I had never really thought about that… Continue Reading

Israel and the Jews

In the recent elections, the great state of Minnesota (?) elected as representative one Ilhan Omar as a representative from the state of Minnesota to the House of Representatives. Omar is Islamic and took it upon herself to criticize Israel, and of course indirectly the Jews, a clear and overt incident and expression of ANTI-SEMITISM.… Continue Reading


Abortion is the: “Expulsion of a human fetus before it is viable.” That, according to the Random House dictionary. EXPULSION. Now, my fellow Americans and fellow Christians we have a new definition of MURDER, of killing: EXPULSION so that, now abortionists are expulsionists. They reach inside the womb of an expectant mother and they, the… Continue Reading