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Monthly Archives: December 2018

The Great New Year 2019

We made it, my fellow Americans. The great God of the universe, the God of all energy and life itself allowed you and me to live the wonderful year 2018 and come now to what may be the greatest year ever, year 2019. What a year it has been. There were wars and rumors of… Continue Reading

Israel And The Jews

It is just amazing how much of the entire world hates the Jews. From the United Nations, to virtually the entire Arab-Muslim world and much of the Slavic countries including Russia, anti-Semitism exists virtually everywhere.  This, the oldest of the hatreds is irrational, without justification and constantly life-threatening to some 15 million Jews who live… Continue Reading

The Oldest Hatred

ALL JEWS MUST DIE! Those were the words of the murderer of the Jews Robert Bowers as he burst into a religious service and opened fire on unsuspecting Jewish worshippers in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. ALL (not some) Jews must die. No reason. No explanation. Die they must simply because they are:… Continue Reading