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Labor Day – Work

Work is good. Work is necessary for the fulfillment of every human being. Work is required of every person according to his or her capabilities and talents, so sayeth the Scripture. All of us must work to survive, live, grow and profit and be all that we can be and as God intended us to… Continue Reading

Violence in America

“We’re pretty close to somebody getting killed.” Those were the words of talk show host Rush Limbaugh who clearly indicated that he was genuinely worried about the out-of-control aspect of the violent verbal confrontations now going on in America.  Limbaugh blames the media for what he calls “incendiary coverage” of the issues of the day. … Continue Reading

The SAGE Cons

Do you know what a SAGE CON is? That’s a new in political jargon.  The term was invented by Pastor George Barna.  It is actually an acronym from: SPIRITUALLY ACTIVE GOVERNMENTALLY ENGAGED CONSERVATIVES Mr. Barna may be referring to citizen voters like you and me, perhaps.  For me, spiritual matters are the most important thing… Continue Reading

Work or Medicare

A workman is worthy of his or her hire. That means you should earn the true value in money or otherwise of what you do. Work, the Scriptures tell us, is good. In fact, it is necessary. In fact, you should, you shall work six days weekly and then comes the Sabbath, the day of… Continue Reading