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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Just Plain Tired

Are you a news person? Do you get up and get it, that is the news, first thing in the morning and track it most if not all of the day? Do you want to stay current and know what is happening 24-7? Most Americans do. Some, millions of course, listen or watch the news… Continue Reading


Wedding cakes, that is. “Designing each wedding cake is an expressive act, as I create an artistic centerpiece that announces a couple’s union as a marriage and tells part of their story.” The words of Jack Phillips, the master of Masterpiece Cake Shop who sued the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for ruling against him in… Continue Reading


Two kinds of fathers are there. The one Heavenly, the other earthly. The Lord of Glory, the Carpenter of Nazareth said: “I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE.” What a claim. Blasphemy by a human being if it were not true. But they were ONE, and the carpenter from Nazareth told us in unequivocal terms that… Continue Reading

Divided We Stand

Or do we? There once was a day in America when we were in fact united, living by and respecting our Constitution and our Rule of Law. There was a time when we believed as a people in justice for one and all. Where we believed in equality, opportunity and freedom, FREEDOMS FOR THE INDIVIDUAL… Continue Reading