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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Easter: The Lord IS Risen

Up the carpenter went to Jerusalem, knowing full well why. It was time, HIS time, the time, the eternal time as appointed when a world changing event would happen. It was to be the end of his earthly journey, a time for the transition between the Jesus of history and the Christ of Glory. There… Continue Reading

Time to Vote

Are you ready to vote? But, you say, vote 2018, critical for America is still seven months away. So it is. But, are you ready to vote? Do you know the issues? Do you know the candidates? Are you ready to participate? Are you ready to step-up and in the words of former President John… Continue Reading

Christ and Football

I confess, my fellow Americans that I like football. In fact, I really like professional football and I am a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. A fan, and not a fanatic. I watched the Philadelphia Eagles win what was then the championship game, the predecessor to the Super Bowl all the way back in 1960.… Continue Reading

The Man of the Hour of Decision

He almost made it! Only nine months short was he of that magic number 100. Amazing, beyond amazing in this day and age. Equally amazing that he lived all of those 99 years with the last years dominated by health problems, including the ravages of Parkinson’s Disease and cancer. But this man, founder of DECISION… Continue Reading