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Monthly Archives: February 2018

The Professional School Shooter

I WANT TO BE A PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL SHOOTER. Those were the words of Nikolas Cruz, a ticking time bomb who let the world know what he was going to do on YouTube, words which everybody including law enforcement ignored. Because the Cruz promise-threat was not taken seriously, 17 beautiful human beings are dead and more… Continue Reading

Billy Graham

100, 100 years of age this great man of God will be this very year. Do you know anybody 100 or more? What a milestone, what a glorious life, what a career for God and mankind this great man had. Like all of us, a man not without fault or problems, but far less of… Continue Reading

Love: Valentine’s Day

The greatest of all things is LOVE. The greatest, confirmed by the Apostle Paul of old, and agreed upon by the world’s greatest thinkers, artists and poets is: LOVE Love is the best, even says Paul better than faith or hope. The Bible book 1 Corinthians 13 is Apostle Paul’s finest expressions of love by… Continue Reading

The Conservative

Are you a conservative? If so, what do you mean by conservative? How do YOU define conservative? One person told me that she must be a conservative because she was NOT a liberal! Everyone, every individual has their definition of what kind of political, social, cultural and moral person he or she is and how… Continue Reading