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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Oh Happy Day

Are you a happy person? I wonder if you get up in the morning, a real good thing, don’t you think, joyful, ready for the day, the opportunities given, PROBLEMS TO SOLVE AND POTENTIAL TO REALIZE. Do you approach the day which the Lord hath made happy and joyful to be alive? Edwin Hawkins did.… Continue Reading

President Trump

Do you like President Trump? Do you like him as President, or do you like him as a person? Many people who support him do not like him. That seems a strange dichotomy, does it not? For there should be something likeable about a person who does good things. I wonder if you agree with… Continue Reading

Martin Luther King: Race and More

It was the shot heard round the world. Martin Luther King, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4 in 1968 by James Earl Ray, a crazed racist. Dr. King had begun to emerge as the face, and more importantly the voice for America and even the world over for racial equality. King was… Continue Reading

The Presidency-The Democrats

The Democrats and their Party-Faithful continue to smart at the loss of the Presidency. They and their ilk were convinced they would win. As a result, they became complacent, assumptive and took not the Republican competition seriously especially when Trump won the nomination. They calculated, in arrogant and elitist form, that Trump had no chance… Continue Reading


Do you hate the Jews? Let me soften the question. Do you dislike or not care for the Jews? Like millions upon millions of people the world over do? Are you one of the ones that fuels anti-Semitism? A person does that by hating, or disliking or doing nothing, not standing up, not resisting and… Continue Reading