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Monthly Archives: December 2017

The Great New Year 2018

We made it, my fellow Americans. The great God of the universe, the God of all energy and life itself allowed you and me to live the wonderful year 2017 and come now to what may be the greatest year ever, year 2018. What a year it has been. There were wars and rumors of… Continue Reading

You Know Me

YOU KNOW ME. You know me, oh created man for I made you. You have a sense for me, an instinct. I AM YOU, and you are me. You know me, says the God of all things. The prophets of the Old Testament told us that time and again. The Great I AM is everywhere… Continue Reading

Are We Ready?

We weren’t ready December 7, 1941. The Naval Fleet in Pearl Harbor was not the least bit ready for the Japanese attack on our Pacific Fleet. The battle of Pearl Harbor, which the Japanese termed Hawaii operation or Operation Z during the planning was one-sided and consequently disastrous for our great country. Japan intended the… Continue Reading