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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Trump – The First 100 Days

They’re off and running! Ten days into the new Trump Administration, the Trump Presidency, something that virtually everyone thought they would never say: PRESIDENT TRUMP A new cabinet, new secretaries, change of direction with respect to federal agencies, less government, more respect for the states and a revitalization of American freedoms, especially the First Amendment… Continue Reading

The Obama Legacy

He’s gone! There’s a new sheriff in town!  Donald John Trump now runs the show.  Barack Hussein Obama is gone and we can now take a fresh, objective look at what America’s first African American President left behind as his: LEGACY Of which he was deeply, almost neurotically concerned. In fact, just before November 2016… Continue Reading

Martin Luther King – Race & More

It was the shot heard round the world. Martin Luther King, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4 in 1968 by James Earl Ray, a crazed racist.  Dr. King had begun to emerge as the face, and more importantly the voice for America and even the world over for racial equality.  King was… Continue Reading

Israel – The Promised Land

He’s done it again! The man who in 2011 promised Israel and the world: AMERICA HAS ISRAEL’S BACK Has stabbed them in the back yet again.  Barack Hussein Obama is no friend of Israel.  In fact, there are many who think he is flat out anti-Semitic.  I tend to agree with them. The United Nations… Continue Reading

The First 100 Days

The first 100 days in office, as President, as the most important decision maker in the world of: DONALD JOHN TRUMP So, now comes our 45th President having made promises to WE THE PEOPLE, lots of them, to CHANGE BACK America in his first 100 days in office and to begin the process immediately of:… Continue Reading