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Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Great New Year 2017

Now comes the great year 2017, my fellow Americans.  God has allowed us the privilege of living through the great and tumultuous year 2016 so that now we can be better human beings as we live out another great New Year. We have been allowed to serve God and Country for yet another year.  Those… Continue Reading

Christmas – The Christ

He was born of a virgin, so we are told. The angel of the Lord visited Mary and divine conception occurred, so we are told.  The virgin birth is difficult for many to believe.  It defies nature, biology.  It is simply not the way things happen.  Conception and birth are as a result of the… Continue Reading

The Electoral College

Hillary Rodham Clinton won the majority of the popular vote in America, Election 2016.  Clinton garnered in excess of 2 million votes more so then Trump. But Trump won the Electoral College vote by a considerable margin and consequently, Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States.  The Electoral College made the… Continue Reading

The New Pen and Phone

The new pen and a new phone comes to Washington, D.C. the third week in January 2017. The old pen and the old phone you may remember were the two instruments used by Barack Hussein Obama to radically change the balance of powers, that is the Constitutional power granted to the President as compared to… Continue Reading