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IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID! So said President Bill Clinton in 1992 as he prioritized the issues of primary concern to the American people.  Money.  Jobs.  Purchasing power.  Economic security.  Opportunity for hard work, investment and financial advancement.  The primary issue of concern to all Americans however verbalized was then, in 1992, the economy.  Most people… Continue Reading


Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable and incredible gifts to mankind. All of them, so many of them.  For all of them we should be nothing but grateful and: GIVE THANKS Our forefathers, the pilgrims and others, did exactly that, and early on.  Those who came first to America brought with them a deeply… Continue Reading

The 45th President

And that would be Donald John Trump with his right arm Mike Pence.  There were many perhaps millions in America who thought the election of these two gentlemen was nigh onto impossible.  It was, if you believe the polls (which I don’t and never have), biased and inaccurate as they are. But it seems as… Continue Reading

Donald John Trump

So, we the people welcome Donald John Trump as the 45th President of our very own United States of America. We the people have spoken through our votes and spoken decisively not only with regard to the election of Trump as President, but offering yet another opportunity to the Republican Party to follow the will… Continue Reading