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Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Election

Next week, my fellow Americans: NEXT WEEK It is here, finally, Election Week November 7.  We the people now takeover.  It is up to us.  For one brief shining moment, America at least to some extent is: OURS We decide if we wish to the election of thousands of our fellow citizens to govern.  Some… Continue Reading

The Vote

Now comes in a matter of days the most critical election America has ever faced.  November 8 may well decide the future of our great country for better or for worse.  And, you are going to vote, are you not my fellow Americans?  If you love America and the way it is, you better! SAMUEL… Continue Reading


Are you going to vote?  You are going to vote, aren’t you? You need to vote for the sake, for the future of our great country.  Comes now many think the most important election America has ever faced.  We the people are on a determined course toward socialism.  Our mantra of capitalism has been compromised. … Continue Reading

The First Amendment, Faith and Christianity

You don’t hear much from the Democrats about the First Amendment.  You hear little or nothing about Freedom of Speech and of course virtually nothing about Freedom of Religion. America’s first freedom didn’t even make the cut in what everyone agrees is the most radical document of the Party’s history.  That is, the Democratic Party… Continue Reading