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Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Christian Faith

Are you a Christian? A real Christian? Why be Christian unless one is altogether Christian, don’t you think?  All or nothing. There are many who think that we the United States Christians live in what is called the: POST-CHRISTIAN WORLD That is, as our dear President Obama has said, America is no longer a Christian… Continue Reading

Islam And Homosexuality

There are at least ten predominantly Muslim countries around the world which forbid homosexuality and the laws of those countries set a punishment of death for the practice of homosexuality. Sounds sort of barbaric, does it not?  If in these countries you are a practicing homosexual (LGBT), you can be tried, convicted and sentenced to… Continue Reading

Salt and Light

It seems that an issue extremely difficult for the church of the Jesus Christ is the LGBT movement. Lesbians, gays, bigenders and transgenders seemed never to be an issue in times past.  The church, the so-called evangelical church, viewed all such sexual expressions and lifestyles as wrong, in Biblical terms sin, and LGBT outward was… Continue Reading