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Did you know that Jews are bloodsuckers? You didn’t know that? Well, they are think hundreds of millions of people. Did you know that Jews and Zionists are warmongers? You didn’t know that? Well, you do now. Did you also know that Jews are descendants of apes and pigs? You didn’t know that? Well, now… Continue Reading

Easter – The Lord is Risen

Up the carpenter went to Jerusalem, knowing full well why. It was time, HIS time, the time, the eternal time as appointed when a world changing event would happen. It was to be the end of his earthly journey, a time for the transition between the Jesus of history and the Christ of Glory. There… Continue Reading

Populism Trump-eting

Sound the trump-ets! Well, maybe in the case of Donald Trump who does his own trump-eting, you and I really don’t have to do that.  He does it very well for himself. Trump reinvigorates.  He energizes even as he polarizes.  He attracts people who are attracted by his energy, straightforwardness, even his crass, often vulgar… Continue Reading

The Donald

Love him or hate him, there is only one Donald Trump, one-of-a-kind, is he not? There is no middle ground with Trump.  You take him or leave him.  You take him as he is, as he thinks and as he acts but without change, compromise or really even meaningful dialogue.  Trump is Trump, ego at… Continue Reading