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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Antonin Gregory Scalia

A man died February 13, 2016. Any number of men died that day the world over. But this man was special, very special and to all Americans. This man was Antonin Gregory Scalia, a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and a very special one.  For some 30 years, Justice Scalia was… Continue Reading

The Liberal

We love to categorize and stereotype people, we Americans do. If you think or act a certain way, then comes the label. If for example you are for women’s rights, radically so, and for abortion, then by definition you must be a liberal. To the contrary, if you are dead set against abortion and want… Continue Reading


Do you vote? Do you vote in all elections, federal, state and local? Some people vote in federal elections only, like President, Senators, House of Representatives perhaps because they think those elections are more important. Others vote in federal and state, like for governor and state senate and legislative representatives. But unfortunately, very few, and… Continue Reading


The greatest of all things is LOVE. The greatest, says the Apostle Paul, agreed upon by the world’s greatest thinkers, artists and poets is: LOVE Love is best. The Bible book 1 Corinthians 13 is Paul’s finest expressions of love by far.  To really know what love is, says Paul, can only occur as a… Continue Reading


Do you believe in polls? That is, the accuracy of the information and the conclusions which polling derives?  Do you rely on a poll and does it influence your thinking? By the way, have you ever participated in a poll, have you ever been interviewed, have you ever been asked for your opinion with fair… Continue Reading