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I don’t like guns! THEY SCARE ME! Guns are killing weapons, dangerous, expensive.  When I see somebody PACKING, it makes me nervous.  Would that there would be no need for guns.  Would there be peace on earth and goodwill among mankind.  Would that all men and women would turn the weapons into plowshares and make… Continue Reading


The definition: “The moment when the GOP frontrunner becomes the total focus of the political press based on an intentional provocation.” Now we have yet another brand new term for our political dictionary, one coined by Fox News First Columnist Chris Stirewalt. Trump is really good, really really good at intentional provocation. There were no… Continue Reading


Do you pray? Do you meditate? Are you a thinking person? If you pray, to whom do you pray? And, what do you say? And, how do you say it? Do you pray spontaneously or do your words come from memory, as in the saying- praying of THE LORD’S PRAYER. Do you pray at certain… Continue Reading