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Abortion is first degree murder. This brutal killing act is done with malice aforethought. The act is intentional, willful, purposeful. The abortionist intends to kill, plans the execution, carries it out with lethal instruments of destruction without any moral restraint or regret. The act of abortion is a classic example of: MURDER IN THE FIRST… Continue Reading


There was once a great democracy which existed in Greece. History termed that civilization the Athenian Republic. That civilization failed to survive. Hear this about the fall of the Athenian Republic and democracy in general: “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will… Continue Reading

Planned Parenthood

PLANNED PARENTHOOD Don’t ever forget my fellow Americans what this brutal organization is all about. Don’t ever forget it until they are totally defunded by our federal government. Let’s call it like it is. The doctors who work for Planned Parenthood are: MURDERERS-KILLERS Therefore, under American criminal law, everyone who knowingly works for Planned Parenthood,… Continue Reading


14 years ago, we the people were attacked and confronted as a nation by militant, Islamic terrorists. Our very own World Trade Center, centers of business and commerce and symbols of the economic greatness of America were destroyed by these Arab jihadists. You could well say that act of terror on our very own soil… Continue Reading


Work is good. Work is necessary for the fulfillment of every human being. Work is required of every person according to his or her capabilities and talents, so sayeth the Scripture. All of us must work to survive, live, grow and profit and be all that we can be and as God intended us to… Continue Reading