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Live and local talk radio is back on KKPZ with The Rose City Forum! The phone lines are always open and your thoughts are welcome. Seriously, whether you agree or disagree we want your point of view in the discussion. The Roman Forum was the center of Roman public life. The site of processions, elections, public speeches, discussions of new ideas, criminal trails, and the center for commercial affairs. We envision a radio program that does the same for the people of Portland. The Rose City Forum is a place and a platform to discuss local issues, news, and spirituality through a Christian worldview, but in a distinctly Portland way.

Your host, Vernon Wease is a former pastor, director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center and social worker for the Salvation Army who has been serving the Christian community for the last 30 years. He has a diverse educational background and experience that give him a unique perspective on the issues. In his life he has resided on the West Coast, the South, the Mid-West, the Pacific Northwest and the Southeastern Regions of the United States. His recent conversion to Catholicism gives him a broad based view of the Christian spectrum and openness to the diverse spectrum of theological tradition. His seminary training gives him a solid Christian worldview to filter current issues of our day. He also loves the blues, vintage rock and roll, sci-fi movies and Portland culture.

Washington State Cougar Football
KKPZ is proud to be the home of Washington State Cougar Football! Join us for exciting college football as the Cougars battle conference and non-conference foes. Cheer the Cougars on all season on KKPZ!

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Warner Pacific College Athletics
KKPZ is the home of Warner Pacific College Athletics. Go Knights! Join us for a monthly broadcast Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM starting November 5 and Men's Basketball games in 2015.

Join us by listening on the air or join us in person for the live broadcast at different locations throughout Portland on November 5, December 3, January 21, February 18, and March 11.

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Enjoy the new sound of KKPZ AM1330! With Christian talk that is engaging and important to the world around us, KKPZ AM1330 is your home for great radio with a purpose.  If life isn't making sense, let's talk about it.  Click here to find out more about some of the people that are making KKPZ AM1330 an important part of your daily life.

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