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KKPZ AM1330 is now broadcasting in HD Radio (TM) technology! What does that mean?

-Have you wished you could get the same clarity of sound from your radio as you do from your CD?

>>>Well, now you can! HD Radio (TM) is a technology destined to revolutionize the AM and FM broadcasting industry. Approved by the FCC as the digital broadcast system for the radio industry, the noise and interference that cause the static, hiss, pops and fades heard on today's analog radios will be virtually eliminated with HD Radio (TM) digital broadcasting. In addition to crystal clear reception, HD Radio (TM) will dramatically enhance sound fidelity - AM will sound FM-like, and FM will rival the quality of compact discs. So just think, you can hear KKPZ AM1330 in its purest, clearest digital form. Your favorite artists will sound awesome. crystal clear, straight from the recording studio!

KKPZ AM1300 has enhanced data services with HD Radio (TM) technology. What does that mean?

HD Radio (TM) technology allows new wireless data services to be delivered from AM and FM radio stations. This allows you to see or hear the name of the artist and title of the song as it's being played, or gain immediate local traffic updates, or view weather, stock and news information. As available, KKPZ AM1330 will broadcast this information to data capable HD Radio (TM) receivers. Also get more information from local retailers on special contests and promotions specially tailored to you, the listener!

How can I hear KKPZ AM1330 broadcast in HD Radio (TM) Technology?

To hear KKPZ AM1330 in its purest digital form, you will need a special HD Radio (TM) receiver for either your car of home audio system. The good news is that KKPZ will remain on the same dial position (AM1330) and you can still hear KKPZ AM1330 with your current analog radio. But if you have a new HD Radio (TM) receiver you will hear us in our new digital format.

When and where will the HD Radio (TM) receivers be available?

These units are available now in consumer electronics stores (check with local retailers). Ask for it by name. HD Radio (TM).

It is the wave of the future and KKPZ AM1330 will make you a part of it! Check out www.hdradio.com for more info.

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