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Euthanasia-Assisted Suicide

Recently, an article in the Wall Street Journal had the following headlines: IN THE NETHERLANDS THE DOCTOR WILL KILL YOU NOW Sounds like an oxymoron, does it not? Doctors sworn under the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm and save lives now in the Netherlands and elsewhere have the right, THE LEGAL RIGHT to kill… Continue Reading


HOW IN GOD’S NAME DID WE EVER LOSE TO: HIM The WE are the Democrats. The HIM is: DONALD JOHN TRUMP PRESIDENT TRUMP That is a question that continues to plague the Democrats, at least the liberal and progressive kind who regard Trump as a DEPLORABLE (Hillary Clinton’s term), and in fact the leader of… Continue Reading

Religious Freedom

Congress shall make no law, NO LAW which in any way abridges the freedom of religion or established religion on its own in the great US of A. So says clearly, unequivocally and unconditionally the First Amendment of our beloved Constitution. But along the way of our America’s storied history, there have been any number… Continue Reading

Progressive Hate

Bernie Sanders, you will remember him as the flamboyant Senator from Vermont, the state where you are supposed to live free or die has become one of America’s most biased, some think hateful person on the political scene. Senator Sanders seems to have become the leader of the progressive political PAC mounting one attack after… Continue Reading

The Deep State-The Fourth State

There is a powerful FOURTH BRANCH of government. This powerful fourth branch of government often goes unnoticed. This fourth branch of government touches every aspect of the daily lives of WE THE PEOPLE. It affects healthcare, the cost of goods, what medicines we can access, how we consume our energy and even how we use… Continue Reading