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Do you know what DAWA is? You better understand what DAWA is for it very well may be the biggest threat to your life, and America and even the world at large. DAWA is the never-ending mission, the passion of Muslims to convert non-Muslims to political Islam and also to push existing Muslims in a… Continue Reading


Two kinds of fathers are there. The one Heavenly, the other earthly. The Lord of Glory, the Carpenter of Nazareth said: “I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE.” What a claim.  Blasphemy by a human being if it were not true.  But they were ONE, and the carpenter from Nazareth told us in unequivocal terms that… Continue Reading

Free Speech – The First Amendment

CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW ABRIDGING THE RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH! Are you listening CONGRESS, House and Senate?  And all you congressional agencies including and especially the IRS, the EPA, HUD, and especially the Department of Education?  Do you hear and understand those words in plain English?  Do you? Congress, that would be you House… Continue Reading

The Era of Post Truth

We live in the era, our very own time, of what ethicists and metaphysicists term: POST-TRUTH In short, the old notions, meanings and understandings of truth no longer exist, no longer apply to our lives and lifestyle.  They no longer control our behavior, guide our thinking, structure our morality or in any other meaningful, life-giving… Continue Reading

Memorial Day

We set aside, we Americans do, yet another day, one very special day to: REMEMBER To create mental memories of the monumental moments in American history.  We have significant heartfelt debts to pay. In 1971, Congress declared Memorial Day a national holiday to be celebrated on the last Monday in May, echoing the words and… Continue Reading