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It’s The Economy, Stupid

“It’s the economy, stupid.” Those were the well-known words of then President Bill Clinton.  Clinton was reminding everybody, including and especially his advisors, that the number one issue, the first priority of all Americans was: THE ECONOMY That is, money, jobs, credit, borrowing, mortgages and more: ALL THINGS MONEY Perhaps the most important pledge to… Continue Reading

A Real Attorney General

Nine years ago, there came Barack Obama.  Soon after, there came one Eric Holder, with the title of Attorney General, head of the Justice Department.  Holder, with the power of indictment and himself should have been indicted (remember Fast and Furious among others) was followed by one Loretta Lynch, she with the title of Attorney… Continue Reading

The World’s Most Evil Men

TWO OF THEM. The first of these evil men said the following: “I’m going to bring down the U.S. by funding hate groups.  We’ll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people.  The black community is easiest to manipulate.” That was a statement made in an interview with Germany’s BILD in… Continue Reading

The Elites

DEPLORABLE, RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC, XENOPHOBIC, ISLAMOPHOBIC, YOU NAME IT! And, name it she did, the words of former Democratic nominee for President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Presidential candidate Clinton was referring to those who were stupid enough to vote for Donald John Trump for President of the United States. If you did vote for Trump, you… Continue Reading