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Kill Him

The HIM is President Donald Trump. The KILL, that is the killers would be those who come from the radical left. For years now, the leftist media has attempted to link conservatives to violence perpetrated against liberals, even whether or not such violence actually happened. But when radical left-wingers threaten people on the right, the… Continue Reading

Patriot Day:911

16 years ago, we the people were attacked and confronted as a nation by militant, Islamic terrorists. Our very own World Trade Center, centers of business and commerce and symbols of the economic greatness of America were destroyed by these vicious jihadists. You could well say that act of terror on our very own soil… Continue Reading

Labor Day Work

Work is good. Work is necessary for the fulfillment of every human being. Work is required of every person according to his or her capabilities and talents, so sayeth the Scripture. All of us must work to survive, live, grow and profit and be all that we can be and as God intended us to… Continue Reading

The Opioid Epidemic

The use, overuse and abuse of opioids is now at EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS, so said opioid expert Bruce Taylor. It is staggering to know that some 2 million people in our country suffer from substance abuse disorders related to prescription opioid pain medicine and some 600,000 suffer from heroin abuse disorder. And those numbers do not… Continue Reading


Interesting is it not that the Scriptures say that a woman should obey her husband. At least to defer to him as long as he, the Scriptures say, loves and respects her. All bets are off if he does not. A woman, starting with Eve was created by God to be a helpmeet, so says… Continue Reading